I’m Kelsey, and I like making and learning things. I also like balsamic vinegar and giraffes, among various other things.

I’m a senior at Stanford University, studying Mathematical and Computational Science with a minor in Creative Writing. I’m most excited by what hasn't been built yet and am aspiring towards a path that allows me to play with code, large amounts of data, and important ideas. When I'm not doing school, hanging with friends, playing the 10 chords I know on guitar, participating in some sort of racket sport, or engaging in other shenanigans, I’m working on projects that allow me to explore many different avenues through which I can make my community and others’ even marginally nicer places.

On campus, I'm co-president of Stanford ACM. I've also been involved with Code the Change, Girls Teaching Girls to Code, Humans vs. Zombies, and Stanford Splash.

Feel free to check out my projects, visit my LinkedIn, GitHub, or Medium blog ↓, or ping me.